Kraven And Mysterio Potential Spinoffs 

Very interesting news has came through from The Hollywood Reporter in regards to Sony’s plans for Spider-Man spinoffs/solo movies. 

When interviewing studio successor to Amy Pascal, Tom Rothman, there were questions about the two planned spinoff films which are set to be released in the coming years. While Rothman is not quoted on this, The Hollywood Reporter’s article makes a remark on Kraven and Mysterio as potential spinoffs. Considering with Amy’s remark on the connection of these spinoff films and the MCU we can consider that the other planned projects that are not officially confirmed may possibly be an opportunity to tell iconic Spider-Man stories. Due to no direct quote from the heads of Sony this should definitely be taken with a grain of salt, but it won’t stop us from speculating on potential stories.

As we notice that despite there are already Spider-Man spinoffs which are planned, a difference between these confirmed and potential spinoffs, is that the confirmed Venom and Silver Sable and Black Cat are of characters which have displayed an anti hero side to their character, unlike Kraven and Mysterio. It would be interesting to see how exactly we could relate and sympathize to these diabolical villains. 

Mysterio is a character with not many iconic stories in which he has been a part of. While he was crucial in the Old Man Logan comics, he has been a character that has been somewhat of just an annoyance to Spider-Man. Mysterio’s origin essentially is a failed special effects and stunt man, which definitely humanizes Mysterio due to his struggles throughout his life. Mysterio may not be entirely easy to adapt alone, however, he is a member of the sinister six which can create and possibly be the start of the creation of the villainous team. A Mysterio movie could definitely operate as the Ironman for the Sinister six film which has practically fallen off the face of the earth due to the recent deals with Marvel and Sony.

Kraven is definitely a character which can support his own movie if the movie adapts the iconic Spider-Man story of Kraven’s Last Hunt. In this story we see Spider-Man finally defeated and buried in the ground only to have his mantle taken over by none other than Kraven. While there is much more to this story, it provides a story to which we can sympathize with, and it can offer a perspective on what it means to be Spider-Man. 

Whatever story is offered in these potential movies, we can only hope that they’re the beginning of a new way to see our iconic villains on the big screen. 


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