Disney May Be Planning A Captain America Ride

This year Disney added its second Marvel attraction, the Guardians of the Galaxy ride, to the parks. Being a huge success, it is no wonder Disney seems to be in talks for a new Marvel ride with a whole new experience.
Although Disney hasn’t released any information, it seems that they patented a new mechanism that would allow riders to physically throw Captain America’s shield with the help of props and VR equipment for a potential Captain America ride. The patent says that each guest would have a replica shield that would slide down a rail attatched to their arm, projecting its flight through virtual reality. How cool is that?!

Even though there is nothing set in stone, with virtual reality increasingly being used in parks such as Six Flags and Universal, it wouldn’t be surprising if they went through with it. Since the physicality of throwing the shield itself, along with the sensation of it returning as stated in the patent, would separate it from most rides, it would be a technically advanced attraction that everyone would want to experience.
Not only will the ride be mechanically advanced, but one would also have the chance to fight along The Avengers, similarly to how you fight along the Guardians in their ride. I don’t know about you, but fighting along The Avengers while attacking villains with Captain America’s shield would be a dream come true.

Source: Digital Trends, Disneyland

Author: Danielle Gonzalez

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