Avengers Infinity War Trailer Coming Soon

As we near comic con and D23 there will be many new announcements and a few trailers for upcoming Marvel properties. Many have speculated that if an Avengers: Infinity War trailer is to be released it must be released during these conventions, however, Kevin Feige has dismissed this idea by offering another possible release date. 

In an interview with Comicbook.com, Feige was asked whether or not an Avengers: Infinity War trailer is coming soon, to which Feige replied, “It’s a good question. I’m not sure. I think it would be late summer, early, mid fall? Ragnarok, probably.” That being said it would make sense for the film to be tied to Thor: Ragnarok with it being the last MCU film for the year. 

With this statement we can grow even more excited to know that, from now until November there is a likely chance that there will be an Infinity War trailer before the end of the year. Whether or not it will be shown in Thor: Ragnarok is up for debate, however, with this possible connection we can even further anticipate the coming Thor movie. It is truly exciting to wonder what the teaser trailer will offer for this monumental film and we can only wait for our cravings to be satisfied. 

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