Why Cameron Monaghan Should Be Cast As Carnage

There is a Venom movie happening with Carnage, supposedly, as the villain. Tom Hardy is going to be playing Eddie Brock, but Carnage hasn’t been cast yet. Recently on twitter, someone tweeted at Cameron Monaghan, who played Jerome Valeska on Gotham, saying that she would love to see Cameron play Carnage. Cameron replied with this:

Minor Spoilers From Gotham Seasons 1-3:

In season 1 of Gotham, we we’re introduced to Jerome Valeska who was supposed to be the Joker. This scene showcased how good Monaghan acting as a psychopath is:

He came back in season 2 and played an important role in the first three episodes. He would return for a few episodes in season 3. Cameron Monaghan portrays a sadistic, psychotic, funny version of the Joker. He steals every scene he is in. His acting in these scenes remind me of Cletus Kasady aka Carnage.

Monaghan’s acting is one of the best parts of Gotham. He would be a great Cletus Kasady, he even had red hair such as Cletus in the show.



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