A Character Arc (Possibly) Metal Clad: Rumors Regarding Magneto’s Role In Dark Phoenix Film Surface

Audiences and fans alike, myself included, have enjoyed Michael Fassbender’s portrayal of Magneto since First Class. Although it seemed he and Xavier were parting ways at the end of Apocalypse, it’s a given he’ll be back, especially since he’s supposed to be returning in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

In the Dark Phoenix Saga, Magneto plays no part, however his inclusion in the film is curious. According to recent rumors, his costume’s imagery is “commonly associated with cult leaders”. With that in mind, Magneto is likely still trying to set himself apart from Xavier as a leader of mutantkind. It also implies the first live action appearance of the Acolytes, a team that appeared in the same decade of comics as the Dark Phoenix Saga, which could mean they are splicing stories just as Thor: Ragnarok is doing with Planet Hulk.


Furthermore, Genosha, a fictional country in mutant apartheid created by writer Chris Claremont,  was seized and declared a mutant home land by Magneto in the 90s. The location may also be included in the film. My thought is it could be a base of operations for Magneto and The Acolytes.

Since many want to see the Dark Phoenix saga done differently than it was in X-Men: The Last Stand, such a focus on Magneto would detract from that. Let’s hope this is only establishing more films to come.

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Source: https://superbromovies.com/2017/07/03/rumor-details-on-magnetos-role-in-x-men-dark-phoenix-revealed/


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