Real Life Hero: MLB Umpire Saves Suicidal Woman

In the past, we here at Geek Motivation have kept you up to date on all the fictional heroes of the world, but what about the real ones? Now, we are going to start keeping you updated on all the real heroes of our world. At least once a week, Geek Motivation will inform you all of amazing people who went above and beyond in the real world, just like a superhero! So, without further adieu, here is Geek Motivation’s first Real Life Hero! 

Just a few short days ago, a MLB umpire in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania John Tumpane, 36, was on his way to the Rays versus Pirates game at PNC Park. While crossing the Roberto Clemente Bridge, Tumpane noticed a woman climbing onto the ledge of the bridge. He immediately stopped and walked over to the woman.
As he recalls, the woman said that she simply wanted a better view of the city. When she insisted on staying there, Tumpane wrapped his arms around the woman, who began struggling to break free as she cried, “I just wanted to end it.”

Tumpane held on while those passing called 911 for help. According to the LA Times, Tumpane has no prior training in suicide prevention or anything related to it. That didn’t stop him from holding onto the woman to stop her from breaking free and offering words of comfort.

When he arrived at the game, Tumpane was the head umpire, standing directly behind home plate. Home plate in PNC Park faces the Roberto Clemente Bridge, which wasn’t easy for Tumpane that day. “It’s also hard when you stand back behind home plate and look and you see the bridge in the distance, In between innings and whatnot, just thinking of how things could have maybe been,” Tumpane was quoted.

This story is just another reminder that there are so many wonderful people in this world, and people that are always willing to help you may be closer than you think. And for all of our followers out there, Geek Motivation is always here to talk to you about whatever it is that is troubling you, be it stress from school or work, to navigating a breakup and everything in between. Our door is always open to each and every one of you. Have a great day and stay beautiful, all of you!


Source: Good News Network

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