Edgar Wright Considering Baby Driver Sequel 

Fans of Baby Driver who are clamoring for a sequel may be in luck. With the high success of this year’s summer hit Baby Driver, Sony has approached director Edgar wright for a sequel for the action packed film. 

When asked about Sony approaching for a sequel Edgar Wright stated, “The studio has asked me to think about writing a sequel and it is one of the ones that I might do a sequel to because I think there’s somewhere more to go with it in terms of the characters.” It would be very interesting to see what is to happen with the characters of Baby and Deborah after the end of the movie 

Edgar Wright also hinted that he may have an idea of what he wishes to do with the characters he has established in his film. “I think with Baby Driver there’s more that you can do in that realm, and I sort of have an idea that if you did another you would subvert his involvement in the crime in a different way so he’s not the apprentice anymore”. Taking this quote into consideration, it would be interesting to see Baby take the role of Kevin Spacey’s character as the head of the heists. 

Whether we want a Baby Driver sequel or not it would be interesting to see further development on the characters we have grown to love. The film also leaves us with a few questions such as: What makes Baby such a good driver? Is Baby going to change his ways? And if so, How? A sequel could possibly answer these questions and provide another fun action-packed film. 

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