Dark Days: The Casting Spoiler-Free Review


Scott Snyder’s latest DC issue, Dark Days: The Casting, lays the foundation for one of the greatest major DC events in the past few years. So many questions have yet to be answered, and so many more have popped up in The Casting. Previously, Dark Days: The Forge, set up the beginnings of the Dark Multiverse, and introduced one of the greatest twists; the Joker is being held captive by Batman. But why?

Leaving Duke Thomas and Green Lantern with Joker, they try to figure out just that in The Casting. The writing, the suspense between scenes, and the artwork are all perfect in The Casting, just as in The Forge. This issue sprinkles so many more connections throughout the history of the DC Universe, and the heroes of the Justice League. By the end of this event, so many things will be changed.

Questions from The Forge are addressed in The Casting, such as: what’s the Joker doing in the Batcave, and who exactly is Duke Thomas? Some characters make their returns, but anything more will begin to spoil the issue, so that’s all for this article. Geek Motivation will be publishing a spoiler-filled article about this issue shortly after this review, so if you’ve read The Casting already, please post any and all related comments in that article’s comments section. If you haven’t read the article yet, be sure to make it to your local comic shop to pick it up!

Also, go read our full review of Dark Days: The Forge, if you haven’t already!

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