The Flash #26 Review

Simply awesome.

That is the best way to describe Running Scared Part 2. Picking up after the reveal of The Flash’s identity to Iris West, The Flash #26 goes through time yet again to find Central City in the “near future” in trouble, but not by one of The Flash’s typical rogues.

Instead of the typical, “Flash runs towards saving the day” comic, The Flash we know must come to terms with what his future is to be. Love, loss, and sacrifice are all major obstacles that our Barry Allen must overcome. As always, the writing is impeccable and the imagery and emotional connections are felt all throughout the issue.


Questions pop up in this comic. When do Barry and Iris have kids? Why does Flash go to jail? When does Barry grow an awesome beard? And the best of all, what happened to Barry in the Negative Speed Force?

This issue, as great as it is, has created more questions than answers. Following the events of Batman’s The Button run, The Reverse Flash is out to destroy Barry yet again. Instead of a hero taking on Reverse Flash, this issue shows Iris stepping up to the plate in the Flash Museum and brings the fight to the evil speedster.

This issue leaves the reader wanting so much more, yet satisfies completely. Can we please see some more bearded Flash? A completely new comic line following this version of Future Flash would be loved by fans, so if the writers at DC Comics could make that happen, that would be great.

As always, please keep all spoilers from the comments for a few days at the very least, so our readers who have yet to read The Flash #26 have a chance to get caught up before having the issue spoiled for them. Thanks to all!

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