Daredevil Review

This show marked the beginning of Netflix’s own little universe set inside a larger MCU. In the two seasons that Daredevil has run so far, it has provided a lot more than just an introduction. 

Basic Plot

Matt Murdock suffers from blindness due to an accident from his childhood. As Matt grows up, he develops heightened versions of all his other senses that allow him to view his environment better than his sight ever could. With his new sense of vision and trained martial arts, Matt Murdock spends his days as a modest lawyer and his nights as the masked vigilante, Daredevil. 


This show’s fight scenes are truly something to behold. Everything from the intense one-on-one fights to Daredevil’s tussles with waves of criminals is perfectly paced with realistic martial arts that makes the world of Daredevil seem very possible in real life. There are even a few fights in the show that are completely captured in one take, which still blow me away even though I’ve watched them hundreds of times. 

Writing: Supporting Characters

The characters around Daredevil change and evolve just as much as he does. The show does a great job of bringing Foggy Nelson and Karen Page to life. They both serve as well integrated connections between the life of Matt Murdock and the life of Daredevil. The most notable of supporting characters come in the form of Elektra and the Punisher. Elektra gives the plot a lot of twist and turns, while also contributing a lot to Daredevil’s emotional troubles. The Punisher’s conflict with Daredevil establishes huge and pivotal points in the development of both characters. The Punisher acts as a perfect foil to Daredevil in the second season, while also bringing forth a heavy debate that the fans still talk about. 

Writing: Villains

Vincent D’Onofrio’s performance of Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) is the closest thing to perfect we can get. His elaborate speeches and short temper allow him to steal almost every scene he is in. Every time he enters a scene, you can’t help but get chills down your spine. Wilson Fisk is not only one of the best villains in all of the Netflix shows, but one of the best villains in the MCU as well. The problem with Fisk’s chilling presence is that it outshines all of the other villlains in Daredevil. I often found myself to be indifferent of new villains because of the trance I was left in by Fisk. 


Daredevil is an astonishing show that expands its character base beyond its protagonist. The astounding fight scenes and the mind-blowing villain leave Daredevil as my favorite Netflix show so far. 


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