Who Should Be The Villain Spider-Man Homecoming 2? 

Warning! Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming!

Spider-Man: Homecoming was a success and a reason for that is Michael Keaton’s Vulture. Spider-Man has one of the most impressive rogues gallery of any Marvel or DC hero. We know that there will be a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, but we don’t know what villain will be present to be a thorn in Spidey’s side. Let’s go over who the villain or villains could be. One of the end credit scenes in Spider-Man: Homecoming featured Michael Keaton’s Vulture in jail talking to Mac Gargan who is the Scorpion in the comics. Does that mean that the sequel will focus on the two bad guys teaming up? I don’t think so. Vulture is a main member of the Sinister Six in the comics and Scorpion could easily be a part of the team as well. Bokeem Woodbine played Herman Schultz aka the Shocker in Homecoming, so he could make the team as well.


Kraven the Hunter

Kraven has been a Spider-Man villain for a long time. He’s also a main member of the Sinister 6 in several iterations. Kraven is a Russian hunter who seeks Spidey as his greatest hunt. After seeing Tony mentor Peter, it’d be interesting to see if they do what The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game did and make Kraven a mentor to Peter. They could continue Peter’s storyline with a new mentor who seeks to secretly take him down. We’ve never seen Kraven on the big screen before, but who would be cast as him? Whoever is cast has to be intimidating, yet almost impossible to tell if he’s truly a bad guy. If Kraven is the main bad guy and they go with the mentor story line, they may cast a small bad guy for him to train spidey against.



Mysterio is another member of the Sinister 6. Quentin Beck uses illusions that mess with Spidey’s senses. Spidey’s spider sense is what really helps him distinguish illusions from reality. John Watts did say that he didn’t focus on his spider sense in Homecoming because it was leaned upon so much in previous Spider-Man films but he would be open to exploring that. Mysterio would be a cool villain especially from a spectacle perspective.



Spidey’s first bad guy, Dmitri Smerdyakov can disguise himself and impersonate those who he is disguised as. He could team up with Kraven, who is his half brother. He was a member of the team in Spider-Man (1994 TV series). He could be a tricky villain for Spider-Man to face as he would need to be written in a way that Spider-Man doesn’t physically fight him several times, but instead has to use his brain to figure out who he’s disguised as.



Hammerhead is one of several Spider-Man villains that are crime bosses. At the end of Homecoming, Peter decided to stay close to the ground, and look out for the little guy while the Avengers handle bigger threats. Crime bosses like Hammerhead would provide a solid story, but wouldn’t further the Sinister 6 plot. He is unlikely compared to the other guys on this list.

Who do you want to be the main bad guy? Follow me on twitter and tweet me your answers.

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