Josh Brolin Says Thanos Is Aimed For Adults

Josh Brolin aka Thanos was recently interviewed by Good Morning America during Disney’s D23 Expo along with the other cast members for Avengers: Infinity War. In this interview (1:12), Brolin states, “That’s the thing with Thanos that you don’t understand is there’s time where it can become psychological and not necessarily brute force. Interesting. More interesting for adults now, maybe not for kids. Not that statement.”

This is great news considering that Marvel is said, by fans and non fans, to be more family/child friendly. Going with a psychological route with villains would be great for Marvel because the two villains that played tricks were Loki and Kilgrave (David TennantJessica Jones).

Brolin goes on to say, “Intelligence man. Intelligence. Diving right in. It’s a smart movie. It’s a really smart movie.”

As I watched this interview, his facial expressions popped out at me and it looked like he was excited and happy about his role. It’s always a great feeling when these actors show joy about the upcoming movie which in turn makes the excitement level go skyrocketing.

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