Darth Vader #3 Review

Although Darth Vader #3 was released last Wednesday, we here at Geek Motivation want to make sure you are well informed on this series. Before we go any further, however:

So, as we last saw in Darth Vader #2, Emperor Palpatine tasked Vader with finding a living Jedi, defeating him in battle, and taking his lightsaber. From there, he must corrupt the kyber crystal and force it to bleed red. Order 66 has made this task difficult, but lucky for the newest Sith, there is an old Jedi station with all the information he needs to find a living Jedi.

While on this journey, Vader encounters some resistance from Clones, who believe him to be a Jedi. He chooses to fight these Clones instead of clarifying who he is, and has some really awesome moments, like using the Force to stop a grenade from exploding. After that, however, he finds Kirak Infil’a, who is residing in the River Moon of Al’doleem in the Mid Rim.

This moon is where #3 picks up. We find the Jedi Master training; waiting for his “purpose” to become clear, as he says. Vader shows up, and Kirak threatens him with many trials before they do battle, however, Vader only needs to complete two. He does so in an amazingly bad-a** fashion. Their encounter comes to a head, however, when Darth Vader attempts to take on Kirak using a shock stick.

Unfortunately for the newest Sith, he loses his new mechanical leg, and is kicked off the side of the mountain. With such a cliffhanger, so many questions come up. How does Vader get out of this situation? Does he defeat Kirak and gain his lightsaber, or must he now find another Jedi? How will the Emperor react to the news of Darth Vader’s (hopefully initial) defeat? Only time will tell, as the next issue hits shelves in August.

Do you have an idea of what will happen to Vader? Do you think Darth Vader should get his own movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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