Secret Empire #6 Review

With Captain America working as a Hydra agent now, the Marvel Universe has been shaken up quite a bit. The cosmic cube that altered his mind is now destroyed, and the pieces are scattered across the globe. Heroes are trapped in the Darkforce covering Manhattan, and even more are trapped outside Earth’s atmosphere. With only a handful of heroes left to fight Cap’s evil regime, how good is Secret Empire #6?

So much better than good. Picking up were #5 left off (with Cap’s forces just outside The Mount), Iron Man, Hawkeye, and the others must find the traitor in their group, and deal with the enemy sitting just beyond their gates.

Twists and turns are on every page. Surprises lurk around every corner. Finally, we have an answer to who exactly the traitor in the group is. Sorrow, anger, and action fill the pages of this issue. The inevitable fight between those in The Mount and Cap is here, and it’s like a mini-Civil War event.

If you haven’t started this series yet, you definitely should. It is a great series, and Secret Empire #6 is definitely worth the read. Go ahead and make your way over to your nearest comic shop and snag yourself a copy today!

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