Spoiler-Free Batman #27 Review

Yet another entry in the War of Jokes a Riddles saga is here. Although Batman #27 is simply an interlude, it still has plenty of jokes and riddles to go around. Jumping back and forth between different points of views to tell one story, Batman finds himself amidst the war between the Joker and the Riddler.

Although the issue lacks much action (most likely due to the fact it is only an interlude), we delve deeper into the story of Batman’s past. This issue, unlike the other two, does not seem to recognize that Bruce Wayne is even telling the story. It is as if the readers are watching this war unfold in the present. The origin of Kite-Man in the DC Rebirth mythos is finally here.

Overall, the issue is a great way to take a break from Bruce’s storytelling to focus on how the war shaped Gotham to what is currently is. It also offers wonderful insight on how both the Joker and the Riddler are operating during these violent times. Batman #27 is taking this time to flesh out both sides of the conflict, and show new sides to two of Batman’s greatest rogues. If you haven’t already, make your way to your local comic store and pick up an issue of Batman #27! And if you’re daring enough, try out The Ballad of Kite-Man #1, as it further continues the story of Charlie Brown during this time of war. And please, as always, keep spoilers out of the comments to ensure everyone who wants to read this issue has a chance before having it ruined for them.


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