Channing Tatum Claims Still Working On Gambit Film

It looks like the Gambit film might be in the works after all.

After months of doubts and speculations on what’s going on with the movie, fans of the Cajun mutant will be pleased to read good news.

A writer was attending San Diego Comic-Con, where he bumped into the 21 Jump Street star and asked him a simple question: Is he still going to work on the Gambit film? The actor did confirm, stating:

“Yeah, of course. We’re working on it right now.”

Channing Tatum has been attached to the project as the lead since they first announced it back in 2015. It was slated for a 2016 release, but the film has not even begun production due to many people involved exiting from it, including director Doug Liman.

The Bourne Identity director has stated that he left the film due to problems with forming a “personal connection” with the feature.

No director and official release date have been confirmed, but stick to Geek Motivations to find out first!

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