Shazam! To Be The Next Film Scheduled For The DCEU And Director Confirmed

The DCEU looks like they have found their next film after Aquaman in 2018. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Shazam! will be the next film in line to start production. The project will reportedly look to begin production in January or February with a 2019 release date.

David F. Sandberg (Lights Out, Annabelle: Creation) has long been rumored to be attached to direct the film but just recently confirmed that role in an interview with IMDb.

Peter Safran is also reportedly in talks to join as a producer. Safran worked on Annabelle: Creation and is a producer on Aquaman. No actor has been confirmed to play the starring role in the film, but that announcement happening this weekend would be a safe bet.aHR0cDovL3d3dy5uZXdzYXJhbWEuY29tL2ltYWdlcy9pLzAwMC8xMzMvMDIyL2kwMi9zdXBlcm1hbi1TaGF6YW0tcmV0dXJuLW9mLWJsYWNrLWFkYW0uanBn

Dwayne Johnson has long been pinned to play Black Adam the arch enemy of Shazam in the film. Although, rumors have circulated the past few months that Black Adam would not appear in the film and would be the villain in the eventual Man of Steel 2 instead. Johnson is still slated to produce and star in a Black Adam solo film.

I would expect and hope for most of these questions to be answered during the Warner Bros. panel this Saturday at 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. PT. Be sure to follow GEEKMOTIVATION on Twitter to get updates on the happenings at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.

Sources: THR, IMDb

Written by: James Howey



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