Dunkirk: A Spoiler-Free Review

Christopher Nolan is at it again! His latest project, Dunkirk, is a war film that he directed and wrote, as well as produced with his wife, Emma Thomas! Here is our review on this new movie:


“Survival is not fair” may be one of the best lines of the movie, and also serves as the thesis for the events that transpire throughout Nolan’s film. Told back and forth from three points of view (land, sea, and air), Dunkirk occurs during World War II, and deals with the Dunkirk evacuation.

On land, two young soldiers develop a silent friendship. They rush a wounded man onto a departing boat, then attempt to return to civilization while evading German savagery.

On the waters of the Atlantic, a father, his teenage son, and the boy’s friend sail towards the war, but rescue a stranded pilot–played by Nolan collaborator Cillian Murphy–who insists on going in the opposite direction. What happens after results in an act of heroism.

In the air, a pilot–played by another Nolan collaborator Tom Hardy–and two others fight the war via dogfight and shooting down enemy aircrafts.

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is conveyed as an excellent example of war and its struggles, with an outstanding cast of characters, a laudable musical score, and superb cinematography. The film has a runtime of 1 hour and 56 minutes, which is way shorter in comparison to Nolan’s preceding films. Presented in a non-linear narrative, this film truly deserves a second viewing, which is usually the case with Nolan films!


Don’t believe me? Dunkirk makes its way into theaters today! For more Christopher Nolan-related news, follow Geek Motivation on Twitter and Instagram!

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