Four DC Comics Animated Movies Announced At SDCC

After the premiere of Batman and Harley Quinn at San Diego Comic-Con, DC Comics has announced four upcoming animated films to be released between 2018 and 2019.

thumbnail2The first one is Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, and adaptation of the Elseworlds story published in 1989. Set in the Victorian Era, the story follows the Dark Knight’s pursuit of  Jack the Ripper.

The next film to be released is Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. It’ll be an original story and the first Suicide Squad story to take place in the current DC Animated Universe continuity. The previous film that featured the Suicide Squad was Batman: Arkham Assault, but it took place within the Arkham video games universe.

thumbnail3Lastly, a two-part The Death and Return of Superman adaptation has been announced. The Death of Superman will be released in 2018 and Reign of the Supermen in early 2019. This adaptation promises to be more faithful to the source material than the 2007 film Superman: Doomsday, in which the story had to be compressed and simplified as a consequence of its running time.

Source: DC Comics

Cecilia López Closs



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