Gotham Season 4 Trailer Released At San Diego Comic Con

Gotham season 3 introduced many things. The finale changed the world forever. At San Diego Comic Con, A new trailer for season 4 was released! You can view it here:

The majority of the trailer was old footage, but the end of it revealed several things. First off we have Alfred saying something that is very Alfred. “You can make a difference, there is a time for masks and there is a time for Bruce Wayne.” This is something that any iteration of Alfred would say. Bruce continues his journey by taking down some crooks and spooking a man in a building. Selina gets ganged up on, but fends herself off. It looks like that training from Tabitha helped. Ivy and Oswald open the Iceberg Lounge with a frozen Riddler acting as the centerpiece. Jim turns around to see an unknown figure behind him. An Arkham Inmate starts drawing something in his cell. Tabitha aims a gun at Barbara, and acts shocked to see her as she killed her in the finale. Alfred aims a shotgun at Victor Zsasz who aims a pistol back at him. A crazy inmate starts to choke Jim, then cops find a distressed Bruce. Then the big bad guy reveal, a man talking to an unknown figure shockingly says Crane, and he responds with, “Johnathon Crane isn’t here right now, it’s just the Scarecrow.” He then sprays him with fear toxin. It’s currently unknown why the arkham inmates are attacking Jim. Is it some big plot or is it just because they’re crazy?

In other Gotham news, deadline Crystal Reed was cast as Sofia Falcone, the daughter of Don Falcone. Sofia isn’t the only child of Don Falcone that we’ve seen on Gotham.

Gotham returns September 28, 2017.

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