New Justice League Trailer Released At Comic-Con

San Diego Comic Con has been the setting for many amazing trailers and news announcements, from the announcement of Civil War to the countless amount of epic trailers released. Today during the DCEU panel, they released the third trailer for Justice League, you can view it below:

The trailer opens up with someone walking through a building, which looks like a bank. That person disposed of the guards and intimidates the civilians. Then, Wonder Woman busts through the door. She dodges a bullet and doesn’t even flinch when someone hits her head with a gun. Then we see her sculpting and a man asks her, “what did you do this weekend, Diana?” to which Diana responds, “Me? Nothing very interesting.” We then see a Superman logo posted on a bridge as a news anchor talks about those mourning Superman’s death in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We see a package of Daily Planet newspapers with the title “World Without Hope.” Other news anchors talk about “a crime wave around the world” and speculate that Superman was alone. Another news anchor says, “And where is the Gotham Bat, the masked vigilante has been a no show,” as Commissioner Gordon lights up the Bat signal and Batman stands on a gargoyle. Then we see Diana and Bruce’s conversation about the age of heroes needing to come again. We then go to Themsycira as Bruce says, “We don’t have anymore time.” Then Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta, say, “something is coming,” as a motherbox shoots some weird energy into the sky. Steppenwolf then drops down as the amazons prepare to face him. We see a shot of each member of the league, Aquaman underwater, Diana in normal clothing, Cyborg in a building with a shattered window. We also hear some character, presumably Steppenwolf say, “No protectors here, no Lanterns, no kryptonian. This world will fall, like all the others.” We also get a shot of Bruce looking at a red cape, but it seems to be a hologram. Barry shatters a glass window by just touching it at super speed. Then we see Steppenwolf hit the ground causing all kinds of destruction around him. Then Alfred says to Bruce, “One misses the days when one’s biggest concerns were exploding wind up penguins.” We see Steppenwolf with an army of para demons around him. Bruce says in his Batman voice, “This is crazy.” Aquaman hilariously says, “Also I think we’re all gonna die.” We see the team meeting together and Bruce says, “Each of us in some way is held back.” The team, except for Aquaman, is about to engage some enemy in the same spot that we’ve seen in previous trailers and Diana says, “Don’t engage alone, we’ll do this together.” Then Barry, shaking from how nervous he is says “It’s really cool you guys seem ready to do battle and stuff but I’ve never done battle. I’m just pushed some people and run away. We see the batwing surrounded by fire. Cyborg starts to hookup to it and says “Relax Alfred, I’ll take it from here.” and Alfred responds “Do I know you?”. We see Steppenwolf attack the batwing, and Barry with a nervous look on his face. We see some more shots of the League fighting while a voice over from Bruce plays over it. Bruce says “Superman was a beacon to the world, he didn’t just save people, he made them see the best parts of themselves.” Diana is about to strike her bracelets together against Steppenwolf. We see Batman leaping in the air with red skies around him. Alfred says “I don’t recognize this world”, to which Bruce responds with “We don’t have to recognize it, we just have to save it.” Batman is in his bat mobile, driving around the city and seemingly dodging explosions. The sky is red in this scene as well. We see the feet of the Justice League and then a shot if Aquaman, Wonder Woman and The Flash lining up at Superman’s funeral ready to battle. We see Amazonians on horses vs parademons. Wonder Woman is fighting a parademon who knocks her sword off. She jumps down to get it and Barry propels it towards her. We see Aquaman air surfing a bad guy into a building and popping out the other side like a boss. Gordon asks the team “how many of you are there” and Batman responds with not enough. Then Gordon turns around to find the team except for The Flash gone. Barry remarks on how the rest of the team just vanish and speeds off. We see Alfred and a cup of alcohol. It starts to shake. Someone walks towards Alfred. Alfred says “They said you’d come, now let’s hope they’re not too late.”

The trailer music is mainly a variation of the Man of Steel Superman theme. It looks like there will be a scene early in the movie where Diana stops a bank robbery in London.

Screenshot_20170722-175257It’ll be interesting what role this plays in the film since it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the Steppenwolf plot. We’ll see how the world deals without Superman in this film. They’ll mourn his death and criminals will run free. Batman will apparently be a no show for awhile. The reason for this is unclear. He could be looking for the rest of the League. We’ll also see how the Amazonians fight against Steppenwolf and protect their motherbox. Queen Hippolyta and General Antiople will make their return from Wonder Woman and in assuming this scene takes place before Wonder Woman and before Diana was a grown woman. Steppenwolf, presumably, name drops the Lanterns. He has also taken down other worlds which could be anything from planets to who knows! We see Bruce looking at what seems to be a holographic cape. What if he tries to resurrect Superman?

Screenshot_20170722-175751.jpg The trailer also reveals plenty of new shots of the League, minus Aquaman, fighting parademons in an enclosed area. Diana will try to unite the team. Barry clearly looks afraid.

Screenshot_20170722-175955Alfred makes a reference to the Penguin’s toy bombs that he has fought Batman with. One of people’s many complaints with the DCEU is how they portrayed Superman. Bruce’s line about how Superman inspired others to see the best in themselves perfectly describes Superman. The red skies that appear in several scenes are probably caused by Steppenwolf and his plan to collect the motherboxes. Last but not least, who is Alfred talking to at the end of the trailer. Superman? Green Lantern?

Justice League releases in the USA November 17, 2017. The film is directed by Zack Snyder, with Josh Whedon doing reshoots. Ben Affleck stars at Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ezra Miller as The Flash, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

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