Arrow Season 6 Trailer Released!

Arrow Season 5 was a huge success! After a cliffhanger ending that left the show in a spot where everyone was in danger! Here is the season 6 trailer:

Mostly old footage but the new footage starts with Felicity asking Slade to take Team Arrow the boat on eastern coastline and Slade responds saying they won't make it in time and he'd take his chances. Moments before the island blows us, Samantha runs off looking for William with Thea behind her. Felicity and Diggle are both running from the explosions. Oliver is talking with his son William, and asks who the bad man is. Williams points at Oliver. We see some Green Arrow fighting scenes. Someone is shooting up the SCPD. Black Siren is alive and fighting Black Canary. Someone sets off a bomb, while Slade removes his helmet around s bunch of burned trees in the city. The most random scene is when a guy is watching a soda bubble over. Is this a new drug in Star City? Oliver and Slade shake hands in present day and in hospital. We then see Oliver leap off a bridge!

We know some of who survived.
-Slade, Black Canary, Black Siren
Samantha looks more and more likely to be killed. In other Arrow news, Michael Emerson will join as an unknown recurring character and Anatoly Knyazev will return sometime during the seasos.

Arrow will return October 12, 2017!

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