The Flash Season 4 Trailer Released At Comic Con And Casts Three New Characters

The Flash Season 3 Ended on a big cliffhanger. The trailer for Season 4 was released at Comic Con:

The trailer opens up with Barry going into the speed force. We get to here the opening monologue from next season, and it is Iris who will open the show up. She talks about her promise to run for Barry. Iris takes a major step forward as instead of curling up and crying everyday she’s taking command of Team Flash. Cisco misses Barry. Caitlin is back with a choker and Captain Cold’s gun. Cisco talks about something not working, which could be anything. Peek-A-Boo is back. Iris and the team are in Star Labs while things aren’t going so well. The pipeline is sparking up for some unknown reasons. Vibe and Kid Flash go up against until a samurai with a sword that can creat concussive explosions. He wants the Flash or else he’ll make Central City fall. Team Flash are back where Barry first ran with the team in 1×01. Cisco asks Iris why she isn’t for their plan, which we don’t know about yet. Cisco then uses the speed bazooka from last year to try to get Barry outta the speed force. The Flash is running in a subway, but we don’t get a good luck if it’s Barry or not. Caitlin and Cisco are about to use the device to grab Barry, or are they?

This was a very interesting trailer. Iris is taking charge as leader of Team Flash. Caitlin is back to helping the team. Julian, any version of Dr. Wells, and Tracy Brand are no where to be found. In other Flash news, FlashTVNews reported several new castings for Season 4. Danny Trejo will play Breacher aka Gypsy’s father and imposing bounty hunter. Neil Sandilands will play next seasons big bad guy, The Thinker. Kim Engelbrecht will play The Thinker’s right hand woman, The Mechanic.

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