Why Supergirl May Appear In Justice League

The Justice League trailer released during the Warner Bros. panel at San Diego Comic-Con has caused a ton of excitement and discussion. The most intriguing topic is who Alfred could be talking to at the conclusion of the trailer.

The first and obvious choice of course is Superman. Everyone is looking forward to the heroic return of the last son of Krypton in the Justice League to save the day. I’m not doubting the idea of Superman returning in the film at all, but maybe he isn’t the kyrptonian that Alfred is addressing in the trailer. What if Alfred is speaking with Supergirl?


I first shot this theory down in my head, but the more I speculate the more the idea makes a ton of sense. Some people might be rolling their eyes, but hear me out. A couple of reasons are because of some small visual evidence. The trailer shows Bruce Wayne looking at what looks to be a hologram of Superman, but many people have suggested that the legs of the person Bruce is looking at are too small to resemble Superman. The more I look the more I honestly agree. The leg seems to look skinnier and could very well be Supergirl.



People have also pointed out that a small touch of red can be seen on that person’s shoulder when Alfred comes face-to-face with them. Henry Cavill will most likely been wearing the black Superman and will not be donning the classic suit during the film but someone playing Supergirl could wear hers.


Also think about what Alfred does say to this person, “He said you’d come, let’s hope you’re not too late.” This implies that Bruce told Alfred this person would show up and that he obviously knew of their presence. Bruce knowing that Superman is back somewhere and will eventually come back feels like it would potentially kill a lot of the tension in the film, specifically the ending.

It is also just too obvious and predictable to be Superman. The film will most likely get some flack for being really similar to the first Avengers film and having Supergirl join would provide a unique and nice surprise for the Zack Snyder film..


Finally, it would make so much sense for Bruce to have found Kara in his recent search for meta-humans to join the fight for Earth against Steppenwolf and she has now answered his call to action.

Keeping scenes shot with Supergirl under wraps would be pretty impressive by Warner Bros. if this theory does turn out to be true. This all could be just a complete over analysis by a lot of people including me, but I think it’s worth a thought. A case can be made for the person being one of the Green Lanterns or Shazam and Superman is still probably the odds-on favorite for most people. I do think the possibility of Supergirl teaming with the Justice League and her Kryptonian cousin in the film is intriguing to say the least.

Written by: James Howey

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