14 More Days: Marvel’s Untitled Avengers Sequel Begins Filming In Two Weeks

Ever since the announcement was made that the MCU installment slated for a May 3, 2019 released date was no longer a continuation of Avengers: Infinity War, fans including myself have been wondering what this film might be. With the numerous announcements at San Diego Comic Con this passed weekend, it was said the Untitled Avengers film was going to begin production in a matter of weeks!


For two films that were once bound under one name, it’s curious just how different they are going to be. Joe Russo touched upon just that, saying that he and his brother coordinate with screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely:

“They’re all big. It’s important for both movies to be distinctly different. It’s important for them to have different tones, and different narratives, and different surprises for the audience. We’ve worked really hard with [writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeeley] at ensuring that the films are tonally different and structurally different.”


Tones, narratives, and surprises. To hear that the screenwriters are honing in on these three things is thrilling for the anticipation of this entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The leaked trailer showed our heroes, despite putting up a fight, seemingly losing. Maybe the next film will be more hopeful, but at the same time, after hearing Captain Marvel will take place in the nineties with the Skrulls as the opposing force which releases the following March before Avengers 4, they just might play a role in the culmination of this universe. What do you think?

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