Grant Gustin Says The Flash Aims To Adapt Crisis On Infinite Earths

Ever since the post-logo scene in the pilot episode of The Flash, fans could do nothing but guess that the headline: “Flash Missing, Vanishes In Crisis” meant the show was heading toward an adaptation of the famous DC comic book story Crisis on Infinite Earths. The introduction of the multiverse in Season 2 further entertained the idea. Just recently, The Flash himself Grant Gustin confirmed this will eventually come to fruition, saying those that work on the show “don’t really talk about it on a yearly basis” but was “mentioned early on” and is “a goal.”

crisis_on_infinite_earths_001.jpgThe comic book event puts the multiverse in danger at the hands of the villain the Anit-Monitor. As you can see above, plenty of popular DC characters are involved in the arc. Maybe we could see the return of Firestorm, a version of Cyborg of the upcoming Teen Titans series, Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman, that Jordan flight jacket that once appeared in Arrow, and many more characters all come together by the time the story is told on screen.

Gustin also mentioned they’d have to go “ten years” to tell that story. Being on their fourth season now, that would call for six more. I definitely agree with Grant when he says: “it’ll be fun to get there”.


For me, Season 1 will always be the best, Seasons 2 and 3 both had their ups and down and currently are tied for second, but after seeing the Comic Con trailer, it looks like Season 4 is going to knock those two seasons down to third. It seems like a more exciting and concentrated story, also without time travel or opposing speedsters. If they can truly pull it off, it makes me excited for the future! Not only that, but I will be pleased with an endgame of Barry sacrificing himself during the Crisis as the newspaper implies, then becoming the lightning bolt that struck him in the first place.

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Source: Heroic Hollywood


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