Joss Whedon Will Not Receive Co-Directing Credit For Justice League 

With the Justice League film coming closer to its release date, there are many questions raised about how Joss Whedon will receive credit for his reshoots. Many fans are divided on whether Joss should receive credit or not, however we can agree that the task of reshooting this film has been no easy task. 

A source from Variety has stated that Joss Whedon will not be receiving co-directing credit along with Zack Snyder. With this news it can be perceived that Joss would receive no credit at all, but that is not neccesarily the case.

Instead it is speculated that he may receive a producing or screenplay credit. Due to the problematic reshoots, it is easy to recognize that there is hard work being put in by Joss to make the reshoots work. Despite there being a division on if Joss should receive credit, we can ultimately recognize that Justice League is Zack Snyder’s film. 

Sadly Zack Snyder had to leave the production to attend family matters following his daughter’s death, thus Joss Whedon hopped on production for the film. With Joss Whedon joining production at such a hard time for Zack, it is admirable that Joss has helped a friend in need and ultimately it should be rewarded by receiving some credit for his work. 

However, while Joss should receive credit it can be noticed that placing Joss Whedon as co-director may dismiss the hard work Zack has put in. A production credit would definitely suffice as a reasonable credit for Joss.

However this issue is solved, it should be noticed that both men have put in loads of hard work in to this film, along with a hard working crew as well. Personally, I can agree with a producing credit for Joss, but that is only my opinion. What are your thoughts? Comment below or in the tweet this article is linked to!

Source: Variety

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