Warner Bros. Planning Monumental Oscar Push For Wonder Woman

Few comic-book films have seen success during award season. Warner Bros. seems to have plans on changing that narrative with Wonder Woman, the crowning achievement of the DCEU so far. Variety has reported that the studio is set to embark on an extensive and expensive campaign to earn the film a best picture and best director nomination for Patty Jenkins. Either achievement would be a first for a comic-book film.


Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight released in 2008 is considered by many to be the greatest comic-book film of all-time and even that film didn’t garner a best picture and director nomination. The film did earn eight Academy Award nominations which is a record for a film that didn’t receive nominations for both best picture and director.

The studio is planning on re-releasing the film in theaters this fall for the few people that haven’t seen it and to potentially remind voters when award season draws near. The studio will also have plans for an extreme push of Dunkirk, another Warner Bros. film directed by Nolan according to Variety.


This ultimately puts pressure on the fall release of Justice League. That film receiving bad reviews like other DCEU films before it could seriously hinder the chances of Wonder Woman making history. It’ll be interesting to see if 20th Century Fox gives Logan a similar push. That was another comic-book film many, including myself, saw as Oscar worthy.


As a fan, this is extremely satisfying to see the studio push for this film to be recognized in this way. The film phenomenally brought to life a truly powerful and inspirational character in the world of comics. I have my doubts on the success of the campaign, but I’m also encouraged by the idea.

Source: Variety

Written by: James Howey




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