Game Of Thrones S7 E3: The Queen’s Justice Review


Stormborn ended with a family feud as Euron Greyjoy destroyed Yara and Theon Greyjoy’s fleet in order to retrieve Ellaria Sand. It also ended with Jon Snow leaving Winterfell in charge of Sansa Stark while he embarks to Dragonstone with Sir Davos to meet with Daenerys Targaryen. Because of this, I thought that Episode 3 would be slowed down and that Jon and Daenerys’ reunion would be touched in Episode 4. Boy, was I wrong!

Brief recap for this episode:

In Dragonstone:

  • Jon and Davos landed on Dragonstone and meet with Tyrion, Missandei and the Dothrakis.
  • Jon and Davos’ first encounter with dragons.
  • Vary and Melisandre chatted, her finishing with, “I will return one more time dear Spider – I have to die in this strange country. Just like you.”
  • Jon and Daenerys meet for the first time, but on a rocky start. They start a competitive discussion about Jon having to kneel before her, their parent’s past, Jon’s explanation  about the Army of The Dead, and Dany not believing him.
  • Davos, while defending Jon’s reputation, almost mentioning of Jon’s death and revival to Daenerys.
  • Varys barged in and tells Daenerys what happened with the Greyjoys.
  • Jon and Tyrion talked about the Army of Dead, concluding that he needs dragonglass for mining and forging weapons in order to kill them.
  • Tyrion convinced Daenerys to give Jon the dragonglass. “Give everything, by giving nothing.”
  • Dany and Jon had another chat, she grants him permission to take the dragonglass and farm it for the White Walkers. 

In King’s Landing:

  • Euron arrives with Yara and the Sand Snake.
  • Cersei is happy with Euron’s gift. Promises him his reward AFTER the war is won.
  • Euron teased Jaime about him being with his sister.
  • Cersei made Ellaria suffer as she poisoned her daughter Tyene, the same way Ellaria killed Myrcella. 
  • Cersei greeted Mycroft Hol… I mean, Tycho Nestoris, a representative of the Iron Bank of Braavos.

In Winterfell:

  • Sansa manages Winterfell as well as she can, when Littlefinger started talking to her about how everyone is her enemy, basically feeding her into one of his traps. “Fight every battle, always…in your mind.”
  • A guard called Sansa about someone at the gate, only to find out that it was Bran. FAMILY REUNION!
  • Sansa wants Bran to be King of The North, but he refused because he is the Three Eye Raven. Sansa looked at him confused and he described her wedding. She freaks out and leaves. 

In the Citadel:

  • Jorah has finally been cured thanks to Sam.
  • He is off to search for Dany.
  • Sam was not expelled at Maester Academy, but was congratulated for his work in curing Jorah.

In Casterly Rock:

  • The Unsullied attacked Castlerly Rock, only to find out that the Lannister Army has been moved to attack the Tyrells.
  • Euron Greyjoy’s fleet destroyed the Unsullied fleet.

In Highgarden:

  • The Lannister Army, the Tarlys and Bronn attacked the Highgarden.
  • Jaime talked with Olenna Tyrell about the attack. She knew she was going to be killed and asked Jaime how she would die. Jaime explained the different methods Cersei wanted to kill her with, but he did not approve. Jaime filled her cup with poison. She asked if it was painful and Jaime said that he made sure it wasn’t. Her last words were describing Joffrey’s death and that she was the one who killed Jaime’s son.

This episode had a bit of everything. First off, seeing both Jon and Tyrion reunite was a long awaited moment in this series and it was handled in a great way. It was awesome to see both characters finally catching up on their journeys and seeing how far they’ve come to be the King of the North and the Hand to the Queen.

One of my favorite moments was when Jon told Tyrion “I’m no Stark” and one of Dany’s dragon suddenly appeared. Great nod for that “Jon Targaryen” shtick.

The first encounter between Jon and Dany was also a long awaited moment. This episode had a great dialogue sequence between Jon and Dany, with banters and both being so passive aggressive due to their parents’ past.

Cersei’s revenge was devious, but so satisfying for those Lannister fans. Lena Headey always bring her A-game on these types of scenes. Jaime, on the other hand (no pun intended), has been very conflicted on her sister being the Queen and how she is turning out to be.

Speaking of Jaime, Olenna Tyrell’s confession before she dies was spot on! Jaime’s furious face as he finds out she was his son’s killer was rough to see, but very realistic.

Sansa and Bran’s reunion was sad and creepy at the same time. Bran’s face as her sister hugs him in disbelief had zero emotion. It feels like he grew out of any emotions when becoming the Third Eyed Raven. Sansa’s reaction to how Bran knew about her wedding was chilling and expected.

One of the scenes that stood out was when Tyrion started to explain how the Unsullied would attack Casterly Rock. I liked how it felt like it was a heist film like Ant-Man or Ocean’s Eleven. Seeing the Unsullied in action was awesome to see as well, and Grey Worm was a badass in this episode. I also loved when Tyrion said, “Give me 10 men and I’ll impregnate the bitch,” as a nod to Bronn.

Overall, solid episode this week! I was expecting it to be slowed down due to it being the third episode, but HBO is kicking it up a notch for the fans. Every scene was entertaining and engaging, not a single one was meant to fill the 50+ minutes of airtime for the show.

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