Rick And Morty: S03 E01 & E02 Review

At long last! After giving out teasers and making fans wait for a rather lengthy amount of time, creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have brought us another season of their show, Rick and Morty. Its third season released its premiere episode earlier this year on April 1st and then resumed its run this week on Cartoon Network’s nighttime programming block, Adult Swim. Here is a review on Season 3’s first two episodes. Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.


S3E1: The Rickshank Rickdemption — April 1, 2017

The premiere episode picks up where the Season 2 finale left off. After turning himself in to the authorities and saving his ungrateful family in the process following a space wedding gone wrong, Rick Sanchez is interrogated by the Galactic Federation as a ruse to obtain his most valuable secrets. Meanwhile, in an attempt to rescue their grandfather, Rick’s grandchildren Morty and Summer Smith dig up the past. What they discover leads to a battle with the Federation and what seems to be the final confrontation with the Citadel of Ricks.


This episode conveys a good lesson on family and the importance of sticking with your loved ones no matter the circumstance. It also sparked an online trend pertaining to a widely known McDonald’s chicken nugget sauce which promoted Disney’s Mulan in 1998.


Surprisingly enough, Justin Roiland (the voice of characters Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith) received a gallon of Szechuan Sauce earlier this weekend as McDonalds’ response to this episode. Fortunately, this did not have to take nine seasons to accomplish, but instead about four months.

S3E2: Rickmancing the Stone — July 30, 2017

This second episode follows the events of the show’s previous two episodes and entails its fallout on the family’s current state and situation. As a means to escape the gravity of what has been transpiring, the alcoholic scientist and his grandchildren transport to a post-apocalyptic dimension similar to that of the Mad Max film series. During their time there, Morty gets armed and dangerous, while Summer bonds with a bucket full of terror.


This episode of Rick and Morty showcases how family disputes and atomic bombs can affect societies. It also teaches audiences that looks do not matter, nobody can truly replace your family, and good advice does not merely come out of thin air. In addition, the episode provides good nods to Mad Max as well as writer E.B. White’s The Elements of Style, a popular book and writer’s guide used in high schools and colleges.

rick and morty big arm

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s show returns on Adult Swim this summer with Season 3. For more Rick and Morty-related content, follow Geek Motivation on Twitter and Instagram.

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