Making The Captain Marvelous: Brie Larson On Getting The Character Right

Without even thinking about it, the live-action adaptation of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel to the big screen is important because it is one of the first promising female-led superhero films in existence and the first of them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Academy-Award-winning actress set to portray her, Brie Larson, expanded on just how important the character is, especially to the fans, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“It feels like such a weight off my shoulders because I really don’t like keeping secrets, and the response was really positive, and that felt really cool. I mean, making movies is hard, and making films of that size is even harder. It requires so much physically, and it’s a lot longer shoot, and there’s also the pressure because this is a character that is incredibly inspiring to people and means a lot. So you just want to get it right. I feel really excited about how everything is shaping up.”

With the most recent reveals at San Diego Comic Con on aspects of the film like concept art, casting, setting, and story, the response was indeed positive. Marvel Studios’ films are noteable, amongst many other things, to be visually stunning. How this film fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, taking place in the 90s and the Skrulls possibly being a threat, could ripple through everything we’ve seen thus far, and change things we never thought possible.


Also, the fact all this has been kept under wraps just shows how astonishing this film will be. Being surrounded by all this, everything else in the film has set the bar high, it’s no wonder Larson wants the character to soar and excel with a film of this magnitude. After all, the character is the core, what the audience relates to when it comes to their character. To be as empowering as she is and is made out to be, Captain Marvel will surely inspire those who see the film whether they know the character from the comics or not.

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