GM Recommended Reading: Batman-The Court of Owls

This comic was the first volume of Batman’s New 52 comic series, but it was more than just a fresh start. It was also an immensely riveting Batman story that put Scott Snyder on the map as one of the greatest Batman writers of all time. 

Basic Plot

Batman investigates a murder scene and discovers the work of a professional killer. Upon further investigation, Batman learns about the myth of “The Court of Owls” and how they’re story might connect to the murder. At first, Batman dismisses the story as a simple myth and nothing else, but he soon discovers that the Court is no myth. The Court of Owls has been controlling Gotham City for a very long time. Their ties reach as far as Batman’s loved ones. They have eyes all over the city and know every secret there is. Batman must struggle to uncover the truth of this underground organization while also avoiding death by the hands of their trained assassin, The Talon. 


Greg Capullo’s attention to detail in his art is what makes him so great. He captures every action scene panel-by-panel to give some great aesthetics that parallel some of the best Batman movies. Capullo’s artwork on the more trippy sequences is such a blast and is plenty of reason to come back to this comic multiple times. 


Scott Snyder brings a lot to this comic that hasn’t been seen before. He creates a whole new set of villains with The Court of Owls and The Talon. He also writes an intense challenge in this story that tests the best of Batman’s physical and mental strength. The plot is very unique in making the audience feel the same doubt and fear that Batman experiences. 


Batman: The Court of Owls gives an amazing and original story with mesmerizing art that will make its mark as one of the best Batman comics of all time. 


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