Slowing it Down: The Flash Likely Finished With Speedster Series Antagonists

Last year, we received our third speedster main-villain on The Flash, and after three seasons, it’s safe to say the show needs a change of pace. Many fans think so, and luckily, the showrunners are on the same wavelength. The upcoming season’s big bad is The Thinker, who although doesn’t have super-speed, is considered “The Fastest Mind Alive.”


Since this was announced, fans surely welcomed The Thinker. Just recently, during the Television Critics Association Panel, it was revealed the show may be making non-speedster season-spanning villains a mainstay. A member of the TCA, Kevin Yeoman, who was at the panel, tweeted the development:


It makes me, and I’m sure plenty of other fans, wonder who they will revolve the conflict around in future seasons. A hope for me is to at least see Godspeed in some capacity, maybe a larger one in the distant future, given Season 3’s conclusion with that Speedforce storm. However, it’d be great to see The Rogues or Cobalt Blue in Seasons 5 and 6!

Who do you think they’ll make the big bad (or bads) in future seasons? Let us know, and follow us on Twitter @GeekMotivation


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