Magic Of Youth: Shazam! To Be One Of The Most Lighthearted DCEU Films

The DC Extended Universe thus far has had its ups and downs regarding the tone of its films. Man of Steel wasn’t as hopeful as avid fans of Superman wanted it to be, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was dark all around, and Suicide Squad, although dark in nature, did see an improvement in the humor of it all.

So far, the most lighthearted film the DCEU has is Wonder Woman, which was glorious in conveying the heroism of the character. As for upcoming films, Justice League‘s tone seems to be perfect for those, like myself, desiring something epic. For everything else in the future, I can only hope the tones will be adjusted accordingly to the stories and their characters.


Speaking of future installments in the DCEU, Shazam! is one of many that has seen development in the past month. David F. Sandberg is directing, and his work (although falling in the horror genre) focuses on the souls and spirits of children and childhood. Billy Batson, a young boy, is at the core of the character Shazam and the man he becomes at the proclaiming of his name. In an interview with the Toronto Sun promoting Annabelle: Creation, Sandberg himself touches upon how his directorial interests gravitate toward the character.

“The big attraction for me with that character is the fact that every kid dreams of being Superman, right? I mean I certainly did, and (Billy Batson) is a kid that gets that chance. He gets to become the superhero. So, it’ll be big with superpowers in a way. In terms of what people can expect, I think this will be one of the more fun or lighthearted movies so far in the DC universe. It certainly will be a departure.”

In an interview with IGN at San Diego Comic Con, he also said this:

“Yeah, just because it’s like the ultimate wish fulfillment, you know? Every kid wants to be Superman, and here’s a kid who gets the chance to be Superman, and you know, finds out that could also be a challenge.”


The mention of “being Superman,” the film being “big with superpowers,” and “a departure” should make anyone excited for a film so unique. My hope is to get what Superman fans initially desired in the beginning, which would fit a character and story who should consistently have this tone because he’s in his youth. In fact, Billy Batson should be a total DC fanboy within the universe, as it will be an entirely different perspective in character and in demonstrating these powers. Being the “ultimate wish fulfillment,” but also “a challenge” will not only be meta, but very real for all of us as an audience.

After being in early production for several years, and having come this far now having a director with this vision in mind, the intrigue for this film is grand. That, and to think production will begin as early as the beginning of 2018 for a 2019 release gives me confidence this film will be marvelous.

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