T.J. Miller’s Concerning Response On Twitter To Criticism Of The Emoji Movie

When an actor who excels in comedy says something that may seem serious, especially over social media, it would be easy for someone to think it was their sense of humor. To make comments about suicide, however, becomes much more concerning in that it should not be taken lightly whatsoever.

The recent release of The Emoji Movie has been met with response that is mostly negative by both audiences and critics. Of course, this spreads to many places on the internet, and even more particularly towards those involved with the film. T.J. Miller, known for his more comedic roles like Weasel in Deadpool, experienced this, but vented in a way that has his fans worried:

On Twitter, Miller, among other things and the mention of suicide, called himself “the worst”, saying he is “aggravating everyone” and questioning his ability to help the world with his entertainment. Afterwards, the tweets were deleted, followed by this:

Although with this it seems like Miller wasn’t serious, fans took in these comments regardless and responded about how bad they seemed, tweeting he should seek help or that someone should help him.


Whatever the context, talk of suicide is not something that should go unnoticed. Miller has had past successes, which will continue on into the future despite this film. Deadpool 2 will be released in the coming year, and to be part of that I’m sure is a blessing for him.

For those who endure these sort of thoughts and feelings, remember that whatever you’re going through, there is a way to overcome it, no matter how impossible it seems. Your greatest hero is the one within:




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