Divided We Fall: The Last Jedi Poster Concepts for Protagonists & Antagonists

This is it! The internet is finally getting some big cast posters as it usually does for Star Wars films. However, there’s something about these that sets them apart from all the rest: They are likely concepts as drawing rather than something more finalized as photographed and photoshopped. There are also two rather than just one, showcasing both the dark and light side, following the same color scheme from previous posters of white, black, red, and blue:



I do have a theory behind all of this that is in agreement for what fans have theorized about the film.

The reason why red is so prominent is that this is the end of the Jedi, and that is perceived as bad. Something honest about them is the prominence of white and black, and the existence of two posters rather than one. 

Showing this as the last time we’ll see things as black and white, the dichotomy of light and dark side will no longer exist.

A character as good as Luke is featured to some degree in both concepts, and this shows that maybe each side is all about perception. Even though majority of the good characters aren’t in the antagonist poster, by the end of the film, everything will have changed.

Anyway, I’m probably reading way too much into it, but it’s fun to think of this stuff! What do you think of these concepts? Let us know and follow us @GeekMotivation on Twitter for more news like this.




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