Preparing to Take Flight: Director of Nightwing Tweets on Film’s Status

One of the many upcoming DC Extended Universe films announced that fans were clamoring for to appear at the San Diego Comic-Con was the Nightwing solo film. When it didn’t, fans were concerned on the status of the film and tweeted at director Chris McKay on its absence. McKay responded with this:

I can definitely say McKay is smart, especially being a filmmaker in the DCEU. He goes all or nothing when it comes to the films he takes on, meaning no restrictions by the set release dates studios seem to set. Hearing that Warner Brothers isn’t setting McKay to that standard with Nightwing makes me happy because he’s a character I want to see come to life well on screen.


In recent years, I actually imagined how it could play out, so you could say I’m hopeful. With McKay having directed films like The Lego Movie, I expect it to be plenty of fun. I wouldn’t mind waiting until SDCC 2020 so this film can be part of a new decade, instead of being in between many of the others films slated.

When do you expect to see our first look at the adaptation? Let us know and follow us @GeekMotivation on Twitter for more news like this.


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