Game Of Thrones 7×04: The Spoils Of War – Recap & Review

We are more than halfway through HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 7, and now, fans are finally given the exuberant moments they have been waiting for. In this article, we review the season’s fourth episode. Warning: spoilers ahead!


Plot Summary

In King’s Landing, Cersei Lannister deals with her debts towards the Iron Bank as a means to further succeed in the fight against enemy forces.

Meanwhile, Arya Stark makes her way back home to Winterfell. Her arrival results in a couple of heart warming scenes as well as some esoteric surprises and revelations.

On Dragonstone, Jon Snow continues to prove Daenerys Targaryen of the White Walkers’ existence. They eventually fall into deep waters, leading the latter to take matters into her own hands. Jon also crosses paths with an old friend seeking for help, but tells him that Daenerys has other matters to attend to.

On Jaime Lannister’s side of the story, he and his army wound up in a hot mess, leaving the episode off on a cliffhanger.


The reunion between certain characters shows that something ominous concerning Cersei Lannister will transpire in the future. However, due to the ever so famous quote, “A Lannister always pays their debts,” Cersei and her army are more likely to get the upper hand. On the contrary, her power can only be undermined through the act of persuasion.

Horrified at the what happens throughout this episode, Tyrion Lannister’s love and concern for his older brother could result in a confrontation with Jaime. Tyrion might be prompted into getting him to talk their older sister Cersei into putting the war at a cessation. The only way to fully succeed in this war is with some clairvoyance, and only one group of people have that to their advantage.

Overall, this episode provides the fans with what they have anticipated for the longest time. The final minutes of the episode just might constitute it as one of the best scenes the show has had to date, and it may likely be on par with the show’s The Battle of the Bastards episode. In spite it of being the shortest episode by far, The Spoils of War showcased good dialogue and greater fight scenes.

game of thrones season 7

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Written by: John Tangalin


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