Rick And Morty 3×03: Pickle Rick – Recap & Review

Following his arrest and escape from the Galactic Federation, alcoholic mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his family continue their series of mishaps and adventures. Here is a review on Rick and Morty‘s third episode of its third season.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

rick pickle screwdriver

Plot Summary

In this episode, Rick Sanchez has turned himself into an inert pickle, then goes on a journey to transform back into his human form. Meanwhile his daughter, Beth Smith, and grandchildren, Summer and Morty Smith, attend family therapy.

Legendary Mexican-American actor Danny Trejo makes a guest appearance as the voice of Jaguar, and actress Susan Sarandon guest appears as the family’s therapist, Dr. Wong.


Rick’s association with Jaguar paves way for possibly more episodes with Danny Trejo reprising the role of the character, while Beth’s therapy session with Dr. Wong proves that her highly intelligent father is the not the cause of any problems occurring in the family.

In this episode, Rick delivers yet another scientific lesson pertaining to love: “To the extent that love is an expression of familiarity over time, my access to infinite timelines precludes the necessity of attachment.”

Rick’s perception of his mind is an oscillation between it being “an unstoppable force” and “an inescapable curse,” but the concept of controlling it is not tangible to him. That is, another good lesson in all this is that the mind is only as mighty as the man that makes it that way, and we as human beings are not to be bound by our limitations. Pickle Rick corroborates the fact that the eponymous scientist can do anything he can set his mind to, even if he is in a pickle. Literally.


This episode of Rick and Morty provides pure action-packed fun and serves as a reminder of the significance of recycling, as well as love towards family. It teaches the audience that love can make a person go the extra mile, even if it is viewed as a means of survival.


Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s Rick and Morty returns to Cartoon Network’s nighttime programming block Adult Swim this summer with its third season. For more Rick and Morty-related news and reviews, follow Geek Motivation on Twitter (@GEEKMOTIVATION) and Instagram (@geekmotivation).

Written by: John Tangalin

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