Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 Will Bring Back Alternate Versions Of Captain Cold And Rip Hunter

Legends of Tomorrow confirmed that they will be bringing back Captain Cold and Rip Hunter, but with a twist!

They will be different versions of the beloved characters. In Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow, we saw a more heroic Captain Cold who sacrificed his life for his team, and Rip who almost did the same. In Season 2, we saw a darker Snart who killed without regard for human life, and a Rip Hunter who lost his memory, became a film director, a brainwashed bad guy, then back to good old captain Rip. Comicbook.comreported that Guggenheim said:

"I think the fact that we killed off Leonard in season one, it basically made it incumbent upon us, everytime we do bring Wentworth [Miller] back, to do it in a different way. We have a really, really cool way of bringing him back this year, but I haven't even pitched it to the network yet. We're excited, but we haven't even had a chance to tell Wentworth."

Then executive producer Phil Klemmer added this about Rip Hunter:

“Last season, the Legends were the only game in town. Now they're competing with the best and brightest. Rip Hunter has reconstituted what the Time Masters were, so the existential question for the Legends is where do we fit into this universe."

Captain Cold and Rip Hunter will not be the only characters appearing on the show this season as Damien Dahrk, Gorilla Grodd, and Isis (renamed Zari) will appear.

Legends of Tomorrow will return on October 10th, Tuesday, right after The Flash returns.

Written by Neil Sharma

Sources: Comicbook.com

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