Say The Magic Word: Casting News For Shazam To Strike ‘Soon, Hopefully’ Says Director David F. Sandberg

Plenty of the news reported on Shazam! and the characters attached to him have shaped them to be much anticipated in the coming years.

This includes the casting of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam and Shazam! itself being one of the most lighthearted installments of the DC Extended Universe.

Despite a big name filling the role opposite Shazam, it’s a wonder to many fans why we haven’t heard much about the casting of any other characters, especially Shazam himself. With the film planning to be released in 2019, and gearing to shoot early next year, we’re all hoping for something soon.


Apparently so is director David F. Sandberg. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of his most recent film Annabelle: Creation, Sandberg was asked about when we’d be getting news on casting, and responded, “soon, hopefully.” Additionally, when the reporter egged him on, it seemed like he was about to reveal who Shazam will be played by. Does he really already know?


One of the popular fan castings, endeared by Dwayne Johnson is Armie Hammer. Hammer himself has said he is “keeping his options open.” Despite not being part of the Green Lantern Corps. as a Hal Jordan hopeful, it would be great to see him in the DCEU in some capacity.

Who do you think will play Shazam? Who do you think will play Billy Batson? Let us know and and follow us @GeekMotivation on Twitter for more news like this.


Entertainment Tonight

We Got This Covered!


Written by Mike Guimond


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