Becoming Her Own Red Queen: Once-Zombie Killer Milla Jovovich To Play Villain In Hellboy Reboot

Who would have thought that six films fighting against zombies, the Umbrella Corporation, and their Red Queen, that Milla Jovovich would become a Red Queen herself: Blood Queen, that is, in the upcoming Hellboy reboot.


In the comics Blood Queen was born during the ruling of King Arthur and knew Merlin well, as he told her all of his secrets. Her motivations were sinister in that she used them against him to put him in an eternal burial. Without Merlin’s help with handling such secrets, it drove her insane and she became a threat to the other witches in existence. They took action and dismembered her, scattering her remains throughout the earth, only for the pieces to always rejoin. To prevent this, they buried them enclosed deep into the ground.

The film will likely revolve around those pieces being freed somehow, bringing the Blood Queen to the surface. It’s curious what Jovovich will be like playing a character who resides within hell, evil to the core, rather than sending the undead to it.

The reboot will be produced by Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin at Millennium Films alongside Dark Horse Entertainment’s Mike Richardson. It will also be directed by Neil Marshall and have Stranger Things‘s David Harbour in the starring role as Hellboy. Mike Mignola’s Hellboy was created in 1993 and is about a demon who is a paranormal investigator that faces off against threats of the kind. As opposed to the adaptation that came before, this film will have an R-rating with a stronger focus on darkness and horror, a tone that is closer to the source material.

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Source: Hellboy WikiHeroic Hollywood

Written By Mike Guimond

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