Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #3 Review

Not disappointing with its humor, Deadpool Kills Again #3 is finally here. After watching Gwen Poole find Dr. Doom and the Red Skull and their plan for Deadpool, Moon Knight and The Punisher find themselves on a new trail. Instead of hunting Deadpool, the duo are chasing those who control him. Delivered by Cullen Bunn and Goran Sudzuka, Deadpool Kills Again #3 is definitely one to read.

Deadpool is back at killing the Marvel Universe yet again, and in this issue we find him chasing after his old pals, as well as a few space species. With a group of Avengers trying to save Deadpool, hopefully the Merc With A Mouth can be stopped before once again leaping off the pages, as he did at the end of his first Marvel Universe killing spree.

The action and humor are amazing, and the images are wonderfully designed while making you laugh. The end scene is one definitely not to be missed, so make sure to go on over to your nearest comic shop and pick up a copy of Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #3! And, as is tradition, please keep your comments spoiler-free.


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