Jon Bernthal Is Honored To Play The Punisher

Last year, Jon Bernthal debuted as The Punisher on Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2. He is the 4th actor to portray the anti-hero. Everyone has loved his performance and many has called him the best live action Punisher yet. He was loved more than enough that he was given his own series which is debuting this year on Netflix. punisher-poster-netflix-1009922.jpgBernthal recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight about reprising the role and expressed how much he loves portraying the character. Here is what he said:

“Playing that part is definitely one of the real honors of my lifetime. It’s a character that resonates deeply in the law enforcement community and the military and with comic book fans.”

Wow! We are really lucky to have him as the vigilante and cannot wait until Marvel’s The Punisher debuts this year. The San Diego Comic-Con footage was very well received by the audiences. It was not released to the public, but we will get a trailer soon so we can see how amazing it is!

Jon Bernthal will not be appearing in the upcoming crossover of the MCU Netflix heroes, Marvel’s The Defenders. Although we are not sure. He might have a cameo to set up his own series maybe? We will find out in a week!

Frank Castle is haunted and hunted after the murder of his family and becomes a vigilante known in the criminal underworld as The Punisher, who aims to fight crime by any means necessary.

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