Rumor: Silver And Black Plot Details Possibly Revealed

With Sony beginning development on their shared universe with Spider-Man villains, many fans have wondered what these films will offer. With the announcement of films such as a Venom film and the title Silver and Black, we have yet to receive any details about the plots.

While we have received news about casting for the Venom film, not much has been confirmed for the Silver and Black film besides its title and its director being Gina Prince-Bythewood. However a new rumor suggests possible plot details for the upcoming film. goes on to cite The Hashtag Show for details regarding the films plot. CBR goes on to explain that the film places Silver Sable as a bounty hunter for the U.S. Government who is set out to capture Black Cat, a notorious burglar. Not only is Silver Sable looking for Black Cat as a job, Black cat is also what stands between Silver Sable and Mendel Stromm, a villain who has experimented on Silver Sable’s Symkarian countrymen in the past.

Black Cat has a connection to Stromm due to her use of an “enhancement” for her heists. While Black cat has received assistance from Stromm, he is on a hunt for her along with his other financial backers. Stromm then recruits other Spider-Man villains – Scorpion, Tarantula – in order to better his chances at catching the elusive Black Cat. While Stromm continues to hunt for Black Cat, he does not expect that Silver Sable has already captured Black Cat.

If this rumor turns out to be true, it makes a very compelling plot to look forward to. Seeing with how detailed this plot is, it should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, it should be taken with two grains of salt. However the Silver and Black film turns out, we can only hope that more official details emerge with some casting for the film.

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