Secret Empire #8 Review

Go buy it. Seriously.

The epic event by Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna has once again hit comic book shelves today. After thinking all is lost in issue #7, Secret Empire #8 does not disappoint.

Honestly, it’s a roller coaster of emotions. The heroism written within these pages is widely felt, and the humor makes you laugh despite everything that is hinging on the events going on this issue. The Underground is finally in a position to stand up against the Hydra regime under Steve Rogers. Led by Captain America, the fate of the world is dependent on the few heroes not trapped inside the Darkforce Bubble of the Planetary Shield.

So, if you haven’t already, go buy this Secret Empire issue at your local comic shop. It’s definitely a step up from the rest of the series and deserves to be held in your hands. As always, please keep the comments section spoiler free for those who have yet to read Secret Empire #8. And be sure to follow Geek Motivation on Twitter!


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