The Unsung Heroes #1: Taskmaster

There are many grossly, criminally underrated characters that exist in Geek media. They’re overshadowed by other characters or just underused.

Whatever the reason, the problem still remains that they don’t normally get the recognition they deserve. Keeping that in mind, we here at Geek motivation will be posting shoutouts to different characters that we think deserve your attention.


Taskmaster is a villain, a lesser known one and is in my opinion, terribly underused. He is a master hand-to-hand combatant, genius strategist and looks pretty badass.

The best part about him is his power of photographic reflexes which simply put, allows him to copy a physical feat performed in front of him just by looking at it once. In an ongoing fight he can learn his opponents fighting style and use it against him. This means the longer a melee goes against him, the more his chances of winning are. He can even use his reflexes to copy other things like musical instruments, languages and copy voice so well as to fool voice recognition systems.

He uses a variety of weapons and styles copied from various notable people in the Marvel universe, for example: shield-play of Captain America, archery by Hawkeye and clawed combat by Wolverine just to name a few notable ones.

So far we haven’t had him appearing in any major media appearances except Ultimate Spiderman as a semi-recurring villain and in the animated movie Iron man and Captain America: Heroes United.

For more details on him you can check his Wiki.

Written by Krit Jain.

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