GM Recommended Reading: Carnage U.S.A 🇺🇸

Everyone is getting hyped over the upcoming Venom movie set to be released in 2018, and everyone knows the main villain in that movie will be the one and only Carnage. To get some good Carnage reading in before the movie drops, I reccommend reading the five part series, Carnage U.S.A. ( spoilers).

This is an amazing story that shows how insane Cletus Kasady’s character actually is. The story talks about how Carnage takes control of a small meat packing city by sending his symbiote through the water system to control people. Eventully he becomes such a problem that Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Captain America (how ironic), Wolverine, and The Thing have to go in and put a stop to his madness. Nothing goes as planned, causing Carnage to take control of everyone except Spider-man. The story also features some other symbiotes such as the Symbiote Task Force, Scorn, and Agent Venom.

The issues are written by Zeb Wells. Wells has such an amazing approach to the character of Cletus Kasady. Thanks to Wells, we get a good insight into the Carnage and get a great look at how insane he actually is. 

The art is done by Clayton Crain. Crain’s art in these five issues give a more realistic look to the characters unlike what we normally see in Spider-man or Carnage comics. The way some of the symbiotes are drawn makes them seem real enough to touch. The cover art also shines! Each issue has some kind of American/patriotic symbolism, but inserts Carnage and gives it a creepy tone.

Overall, Carnage U.S.A is an amazing read and really pulls its readers in with action and amazing story telling. I would give this an 8/10!

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