Arrow Casting Deathstroke’s Son And Manu Bennett Changed A Scene From The Arrow Season 6 Premiere

Arrow is currently casting an introverted, moody and naturally athletic Australian teenager as reported by TVLine. Last season of Arrow ended with Oliver agreeing to help Slade find his son in exchange for help against Prometheus. Slade agreed to help Oliver and this casting call seems to confirm that we will be meeting Slade’s son.

We already know that Slade will return during this season, and now we know that we’ll get to see his son. In Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, we saw Star City in the year 2046 and Grant Wilson, aka Slade’s son, appear in the show. It’s unclear if he’ll be the son Slade goes after or Slade’s other son from the comics, Joseph Wilson.

In more Arrow news, Manu Bennett changed a scene in the season 6 premiere. reported that Manu Bennett changed the scene that we saw him in the trailer for Season 6. You can watch the trailer down below:

Manu talked about the scene where he and the “team” were supposed to go off together and how he spoke to show runner Marc Guggenheim. They both agreed to change it to preserve Slade’s relationship with Oliver as “a stand-alone relationship.”

Arrow season 6 premieres October 12, 2017 at 9 pm eastern time. The premiere is titled Fallout and will deal with the fallout of the season 5 finale.

Sources: TVLine,
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