Game Of Thrones S07E05 Eastwatch Review

The last minutes of The Spoils of War had fans frozen in fear as Dany attacks the Lannister Army with Drogon. It left us on a cliffhanger as Jaime charged to kill Dany, but Drogon wasn’t going to let that happen. In the final seconds, as Drogon’s flames ignited from his throat, Jaime was pushed to the river.

While Eastwatch didn’t have a huge battle scene like the previous episode, this one was filled with great plot development, interesting setups and reunions, some friendly and some not so much.


Here is the recap for Eastwatch:

  • Bronn is the one who rescues Jaime from Drogon. Jaime explains to Bronn that he must tell Cersei about Dany’s attack.
  • Dany “convinces” the rest of the Lannister’s army, except Randal Tarly. Dickon chooses to side with his father, resulting in their death by flames.
  • Jaime arrives to King’s Landing. He notifies Cersei about Olenna Tyrells’ confession.
  • Dany arrives to Dragonstone, with Jon Snow confronting Drogon and petting him (a huge HOLY SH*T moment for fans).
  • Jorah finally arrives back to Dany’s service after being cured.
  • Bran sees the army of the death beyond the wall by a raven. Suddenly the Knight King sees his raven. He notifies of the army via raven.
  • Ravens of the incident arrived to the Maesters in the Citadel. Sam explains to them that they should look for the hidden scrolls about the Long Night to defeat the army of the death. Archmaesters don’t believe the stories (shocker).
  • Jon receives a  raven, notifying that Arya is alive and that Bran saw the Knight King. Tyrion recommends to make a temporary truce with Cersei and, in order for her to believe the army of death, they bring a soldier of the death to her. Jorah volunteers to go with Jon.
  • Arya has a hard discussion with Sansa about her wanting to take Jon’s place as Queen of Winterfell.
  • Jaime and Tyrion meet again in King’s Landing. He explains about the army of the death.
  • Meanwhile, Ser Davos finds Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s Bastard.
  • Jaime tells Cersei about Tyrion and the truce, but she already knew. She told Jaime she’s pregnant (again).
  • Gendry and Jon meet for the first time, he volunteers to go and fight the Army of the Death.
  • Sam and Gilly are working on a task. Gilly talks about a scroll, stating that Rhaegar Targaryen had annulled his marriage with Elia Martell of Dorne and remarried with another woman, but Sam angrily interrupts. Sam decides to leave the Citadel.
  • Arya spies on Littlefinger. Littlefinger receives an unknown letter from, but hides it. Arya finds it. Apparently, it was the letter Sansa was forced to write to Robb when Robert Baratheon died.
  • Jon, Ser Davos, Gendry and Jorah meet up with Tormund. They are introduced to The Hound, Thoros and Beric. They all agree to go catch a white walker. The episode ends with them opening the gate to go beyond The Wall.

As mentioned, this episode was more dialogue driven than previous episodes. It didn’t have an action set piece and, instead, relied more on moving the plot forward. By no means this is a bad thing, actually quite the opposite. This is one of those episodes that fans will love simply due to how much the producers are picking up on the story line and how much information is being fed before Winter actually comes.

Tyrion’s worries about Dany’s decision to kill the Tarlys are justified. She speaks of not wanting to be her father, but lets her dragon burn down their enemies. Of course, this is a war, but Tyrion fears that she will turn like her father. (Also, that scene with him and Varys holding the raven for Jon was hilarious.)

Of course, we have to talk about THAT scene. Jon Snow petting Drogon is a HUGE tease for fans on what’s to come of the King of The North. The SFX on Drogon are spectacular. His scales, eyes, and nose look so authentic. HBO really stepped it up in that department. The curiosity on Jon’s face is exactly what anyone would do in his situation. Also, Dany’s look was priceless! Does this mean she knows something about Jon?

Arya and Sansa’s relationship is starting to crumble thanks to Littlefinger’s plan. From the moment Arya arrived, it was hinted that they will not agree on many things. After Arya finds Sansa’s raven from Season One, I worry of what she is going to do to Sansa. Will she confront her about it? Kill her, perhaps? What else dors Littlefinger have in plan?

Tyrion and Jaime’s reunion got down like one would expect. The real seller was Davos and Gendry’s. Fans have been waiting for Robert’s bastard to come back this season and they delivered. He will have to prove what he has on next week’s episode.

Gilly and Sam’s scene at the Citadel was a great nod for fans to look out. Her talking about “Raggar’s” hidden marriage is obvious information about Jon being the true heir to the Iron Throne. Sadly, it was interrupted due to Sam’s temper with the Maesters. It was understandable though, but I hope they touch that subject later on in the season. Could it be that Jon will finally learn about his true identity?

Lastly, the whole union between Jon, Davos, Jorah, Gendry Tormund, The Hound, Beric and Thoros was too awesome. Fans are already naming them, appropriately, the “Suicide Squad.” The final shot of them walking down the ice, not knowing what’s to come, was chilling (no pun intended).

Overall, another great episode from HBO. While nothing huge or an epic battle happened, the dialogue driven episode delivered expectations. All of the episodes have shown that HBO is not messing around this time and that the plot is heading straight to the point, unlike previous seasons. The next episode will be extremely huge, from what the trailers have shown, but this one holds key moments for fans to not even think of skipping.

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Written By: Christian Quiles

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